Skigaarden . About us

Once upon a time, there was a traditional, sheltered mountain farm up on Holdeskaret. Running the farm was demanding and even with access to hunting, fishing and berry gathering, it was a modest operation. There was seldom any excess. But eventually tourists discovered Hemsedal and this unique area in Holdeskaret, and operations were directed towards their needs. So began Skigaarden.

This could have been our history, and in our plans, this has been the starting point: to establish a lovely place, high in the mountains, and gradually build it up over time. Not unlike other farms in the Norwegian countryside. This was how farms were expanded, bit by bit, in step with growing needs. The planning and our dreams of Skigaarden have emerged through many years of experience as avid skiers and mountain folk. Much of the inspiration has come from ski resorts in the Alps.

A feeling of home

Our ambition for Skigaarden is to create a unique meeting place for mountain folk and ski enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you are passing through, an Alpine skier, a mountaineer, resident or simply a bit hungry, we want you to feel at home in Hemsedal. As you cross the bridge over the ski slope, you should feel at home. Here you have everything you need for great days and experiences in the mountains. There are good solutions for operations, with a clear distinction between being a guest or owner at Skigaarden.

To fit in

We have endeavoured to create a unique architecture with strong roots in Norwegian traditions; an architecture that is in harmony with nature. To preserve the landscape and enhance the ski area, all vehicular traffic and parking are placed underground. The entire area is 100% car-free, with practical solutions that safeguard the alpine product and nature. Skigaarden is for everyone and easily accessible whether you arrive by car, on skis, on bicycles or on foot.

Built to last

We have great respect for old traditions. In the old days, things were built to last for generations. Therefore, care was taken in craft. Everything was of a high quality. Today we can marvel at stave churches and lofts from the 12th century, which have roots and rock-solid history. Interiors that are hundreds of years old, worn naturally. We want everything we create to last and endure. Therefore, the apartments are built of solid wood, and the furniture is rough and rustic.

Small details are also important and make a big difference. Nothing has been left to chance at Skigaarden. You will find this again and again; in the completed architecture, in the thoughtful interior, in the home-made food. Not least, in your overall experience. This is what we want to be best at.

The Gard’s folk

Our staff is the core of our entire business. They are the soul, the magic, the logic of everything at Skigaarden, and are this every single day. We take good care of our staff and let them do what they are passionate about, what they are good at. Our staff also know how to roll up their shirt sleeves and work hard when this is needed. We want to inspire our staff to dream big and be daring, because that is precisely what makes Skigaarden the unique place it is today.

Besides, and we cannot mention this enough, soul is one of the secret ingredients of Skigaarden. Regardless of the number of people at the table, you will find it at all tables, in each dish and in each drink. It sits in the furniture and you greet it when you touch the door handles. It is found in deep conversations between good friends and new acquaintances. You will find it in everything we do and everything that surrounds you. Soul...