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Skigaarden . Real Estate

Seizing the opportunity

After years of vivid dreaming and visualizing, it was finally feasable to realize a Skigaard high up in the norwegian mountains. Skigaarden is located right amidst rugged alpine landscape, well proportioned in relation to the terrain, based on traditional local architectural style and developed as an activity and leisure mountain village for skiing, alpine, and mountain enthusiasts.

Skigaarden is a cluster of both large and small multi-storey buildings clad in natural peat, slate and wood blending seamlessly with its surroundings and acquiring, over time, a sun-kissed patina unique to the Hemsedal region, thanks to an architectural style deeply rooted in local traditions, quality local craftsmanship and liberal usage of sturdy local materials, with proportions, lay-outs and interiors maximising the sloping terrain for stunning views and enticing adventurous spirits with any season-dependent leisure activity to please any skiing or hiking enthusiast.

Automobile traffic is completely subterranean, with underground parking provided for resort residents directly below their flats, so the resort and surrounding mountainsides are absolutely car-free. Yet the resort does not neglect substance over style, for Skigaarden has also been built for endurance, to withstand even the harshest winter conditions, with an emphasis on aesthetic, sustainable and eco-efficient solutions in architecture and use of local materials.

The appartment blocks consist of sheltered living areas and separate apartments with great comfort, with stunning views of the magnificent
landscape. There has been emphasis on placing the settlement in order tocreate intimate, sunny, welcoming and last but not least car-free outdoor spaces. The main square is intended as a natural gathering and ski-arena with exits from the slopes direction you straight to the main square. The great strength of the Skigaarden Square is location, making it a well placed resting spot in the middle of the slopes, amidst easy accessible eateries and service areas in the surrounding buildings.

Modern mountain lodge

We have placed great emphasis on the use of solid norwegian materials, both in modern and traditional style, and we have put effort and work in selecting the right materials.
The common thread through it all is quality, design and function. All apartments, the main lodge all restaurants and their interior are planned and designed for customers and visitors who appreciate quality.

The apartments are delivered with straight through high standards in all materials and equipment. Further details about the delivery ‘s are availablle in the quality description document.

Beautiful flooring is what creates a rooms atmosphere and is often referred to as the most important piece of furniture. Both entre and guestroom come with slate tiles while living room, kitchen and bedroom are delivered with solid oak floors. The walls consist of solid wood panels or are delivered as timber wall, completly pre-stained with interior stain. Skirting in solid oak. Ceilings in solid panel in all main rooms. Bathrooms have white painted pine light panel.

The architect’s words:

«Skigaarden is perched on an existing ledge amidst the beautiful mountain slopes of Hemsedal. The current use of
the ski resort, aswell as the surrounding terrain have set the terms for the development project. The collection of
small and large buildings are developed with the aim of falling naturally into the terrain. The landscape that encases
Skigaarden contributes to.

The buildings, outdoor spaces and a car free environment together create intimate, sunny, safe and welcoming areas.
The outdoor area is naturally landscaped between the buildings, as well as a designed square for ski in & out,
strategically faced with an opening in southwesterly direction for optimal sun. This square is part of the “main street”
between eateries and activity spaces in surrounding buildings. The square is designed to be a meeting place, as well
as designed with the best possible view.»