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Our interest in wines is genuine. Skigaarden’s goal is to offer a unique selection of rare and much-sought-after wines from the classic areas of Europe. In 2018, we were nominated in two of the Norwegian Sommelier Association and Kapital magazine’s categories in the competition for Norway’s Best Wine List. We won for "Best Champagne list". Both In 2019 and 2020, we were once again among the nominees in the class of champagne/sparkling wines, and once more, we won.


Our genuine interest for wine has drawn attention. Each year, the Norwegian Sommelier Association and KapitalVin selects Norway’s best wine list. In 2018 we were nominated in two of six categories: “Norway’s Best Wine List” and “Best Champagne/Sparkling Wine List”. We came home victorious in the latter category. In 2019, we are able to celebrate yet another victory in the same category. The Norwegian Sommelier Association and KapitalVin justified their choice as follows:

With respect to last year's candidates in the category for “Best Champagne/Sparkling Wine List”, this year there were even more. Still, the winner remains in a class of its own. In 2018, the winner impressed with its 280 items in Champagnes; this year, with an increase to 480 items, we take our hats off to them. It was not only the range of available products that impressed the Jury, but also the breadth and depth in styles, vintages and terroirs. Their focus on building a new 500 m2 wine cellar is further evidence it is a place that takes the task of offering a good selection of wines seriously, and the Jury looks forward to following their further development.

You will find the largest collection of champagnes in Scandinavia here. And as the great Irish author Oscar Wilde said in his time: Only the unimaginative can fail to find a reason for drinking champagne.


Skigaarden is proud of its wine list. We are particularly interested in the wine regions of Champagne, Burgundy, Rhône, Piedmont and Tuscany, where there is an incredible range of wine producers, wine styles and wines. We have decided to follow some selections very closely. From these, we offer as large a range and vintages as possible. Here are some of them: Vega Sicilia, Roederer Cristal, Moët & Chandon, Dom Perignon, Krug, Ulysse Collin, André Beaufort, Egly-Ouriet, Cédric Bouchard, Salon, Drouhin-Laroze, DRC, Barthod, Rousseau, Leflaive, Mugnier, Vogüé, Grivot, Raveneau, Dauvissat, Col d´Orcia, Giacomo Conterno, Bartolo Mascarello and others.

For us, it is just as important to focus on the classics as on the new and innovative producers. Simultaneously, we are keen to immerse ourselves in the best vintages. Each decade has some vintages that are exceptional and especially good. We want to offer as great a range as possible from these vintages, both with respect to producers and wines.


The wine list is divided into three parts:
Part 1: Everyday wines comprises about 15 wines in a price class of NOK 500 to 1,000 per bottle. Most of these may be purchased by the glass.
Part 2: Great selections are wines that cost up to NOK 2,000 + per bottle. Most of these wines are available in the Storstugu’s wine room. The rest are found in our wine cellar.
Part 3: Cellar wines, cost from 2,000 and upwards. Most of these wines are in our big cellar, there may be some discrepancies from the list. Therefore we appreciate a small headsup in advance, to ensure you get the wines you want. Our work with the cellar is continous, so there may be vintages that are not in the list. Feel free to ask.

It is our hope that this system will make it easier for you as our customer. If you are simply looking for a wine, Part 1 is perfect. If you are more than averagely interested in wine, we recommend Part 2 or Part 3. If you are a wine connoisseur, contact us. We will gladly send you our wine list, to be contemplated in advance. Send an email to: restaurant@skigaarden.no


Wine is culture. Join our world of wine. Look, smell and taste... The surroundings here add to its enjoyment. To make a reservation, or should you wish more information about our wine cellars, please do not hesitate to contact us at wine@skigaarden.no. We ask that if you wish to make a reservation, please do so at least a week in advance.


A new wine cellar is currently being built that will open for the 2019/20 season. All of 500 m2, deep underground, the cellar will be unique and spectacular in both its design, extent, quantity and quality. We guarantee you will never have seen the likes.


Our passion for wine has resulted in the foundation of a separate company to import the wine. The objective here has been the same as for Skigaarden’s wine list; we want to be able to offer quality wines from family-owned producers in the classic terroirs of Europe.

wine@skigaarden.no for more information…