Skigaarden . Location


Welcome to the mountains. Skigaarden is not only located right amidst Hemsedal ski center, but also in close proximity to the mountains of Holdeskaret. As outdoors enthusiasts, lovers of the mountains aswell as dedicated skiers we dare to say that this is Norway´s ultimate mountain location. Great sun, breathtaking views, crosscountry slopes right outside our door and of course surrounded by alpine skiing all together positioning Skigaarden an essential part of this winter wonderland.

Skigaarden offers a blend of tourist accommodation, restaurants, après-ski, catering, private membership club and last but not least, private property opportunities. In our eyes, a blend which aims to constantly raise the bar and exceed customer expectations.

Our magical location high up at the resort, offering brilliant luminous conditions that creates the basis for high vibes and extraordinary atmosphere.

Hemsedal is a versatile mountain destination. Due to skilled management by the local community and Skistar, Hemsedal has experienced a balanced development of the resort where the existing product is a quality destination with great diversity which we all are very proud of.

Hemsedal the premier ski destination in Norway

Hemsedal, an all year round destination.
Even though you might regard Hemsedal as a winter destination, we are pleased to notify that Skigaarden is a fantastic starting point for good nature experiences throughout the whole year.

Many are of the opinion that Hemsedal is Scandinavia´s leading and most complete resort with randonee skiing or crosscountry slopes starting literally from your door. However, there is more. During summer there is an abundance of hiking and biking trails, bike downhill slopes, beautiful lakes and breathtaking mountain scenery just around the corner. The diversity is great whether you are seeking quiet walks, small adventures with the kids, or patio afternoon delight soaking up the view. Whether you come here looking for solitude or high adrenaline experiences, you have come to the right place.
Skigaarden is easily accessible whether you come by car or ski, bike or on foot. Parking, ski trails and bike paths are added so that Skigaarden is completely car-free.