New Storstugu

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Welcome to new Storstugu!

New Storstugu

Our new grand hall is one of our great sources of pride here at Skigaarden. Everything in Storstugu has a story and soul, something we believe can be felt in the atmosphere. This is the restaurant you'll want to visit for culinary experiences and a vibrant gathering place where music, delicious meals, and a great atmosphere come together in harmony.


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Opening hours:

Mon-Tues: closed
Thurs-Fri-Sat: 12.30-22.00( lunch 12.30-16.30, dinner 18.30-21.30)
Sun & Wed: 12.30-21.00(lunch 12.30-16.30, dinner 18.00- 20.30)

In the lunch hours, we invite you to an informal and lighter menu that pairs well with lively music and a great atmosphere. Drop by for a single dish or indulge in the entire menu.

In the evening, Storstugu transforms into a grill restaurant with a more relaxed atmosphere than during lunch hours. In addition to a good selection of starters and shareable snacks, there's the option to order meat and accompaniments from the grill. With suitable drinks from our cellar, everything is set for a pleasant restaurant experience in the magnificent Storstugu of Hemsedal.

Throughout the winter, we host après-ski every Saturday. DJ Claes spins tunes and ensures a lively atmosphere throughout the hall.

The Gardsfolk (our staff) are ready to provide you with a memorable experience that will linger in your memory.