Storgaarden 2-3.Family room, 32 kvm

from kr 580/Night

Open the door... and you are in the slopes!

This is the accomodation for those who prioritize being outside, the avid skiers. These family rooms are smaller than an apartment, but still a good size, and have plenty of room for up to 4 people.

The interiors posess the same level of quality as everything else we build, and there is ample space for a nice weekend in the mountains. You will have breakfast and dinner included in your stay, and the car safely parked in the underground garage. Everything is done to ensure you a stressfree and enjoyable stay, so the only thing left is:

Skis on...3,2,1 GO!

4 Guests

1 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms



The spacious family room contains one kingsize bed, and a comfy bunkbed. The bathroom is a good size for 4, freshly decorated.

You have a kitchenette, perfect for making breakfast if you have had a sleep-in. There are 4 cosy chairs, and a dining table, more than comfortable enough if you want to watch tv. Wifi is also included, then everything should be at hand for a relaxing stay.

When you stay here, it's easy to be the first to swing out onto freshly prepared slopes and enjoy the mountains.


Most people are aware that Hemsedal Skisenter is one of the best skiing facilities in the country. You may also be aware that downhill cycling is an option in the summer and autumn. But never had you dreamed of meeting someone on a tricycle charging down the slope in autumn! And the rider is an adult! A search of various websites eventually reveals that it is a Mountain Cart.

Adventurous as you are, you can barely wait to try one out. But, shhh... This will be a surprise for the entire family when they get back from their pizza-lunch in Dagligstugu...


Skigaarden lies in the upper area of Hemsedal Ski Center (1013 alt.)


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